There is no hiding from the fact that Annapolis has an ugly history when it comes to the issue of race and segregation. This is despite the valiant efforts of many of our citizens and community activists. The present de facto regime of segregation in the City is harmful to all and helpful to none. It is not a secret that the vast majority of the residents of public housing in the City of Annapolis are racial minorities, and they are routinely treated as second class citizens.

There are For quite some time now, I have run a Facebook page advocating the removal of the statue of Roger Taney from the State House grounds. While the Mayor of Annapolis has no authority to insist upon this action, it is something that should be the subject of a public statement and a City Council resolution, calling upon the General Assembly and/or the Governor to take action. 

Furthermore, we can do better for our citizens in public housing and for our young people who feel discriminated against by the police and by the government officials who are supposed to be giving them a hand up, rather than holding them down. These initiatives begin with addressing the issues with poverty and drugs that have plagued several of our neighborhoods for decades. I discuss these issues further under a separate subject heading.



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